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The recent blackouts have increased risk of constant disruption of water supply in most areas across the district.

The continuous implementation of ‘load shedding’ by Eskom over the past weeks is having a severe impact on the functionality of Ugu District Municipality’s water infrastructure.

“Our water systems are highly reliant on Eskom power supply to function effectively and the recent blackouts have increased a risk of constant disruption of water supply in most areas across the district,” said municipal spokesperson France Zama. “

“These power blackouts bring with it the risk associated with obstruction of our water pumps ability to provide pressure to higher-lying areas which also has an impact on filling of reservoirs adequately, thus restricting supply of water,” he added.

While there is currently a high risk of water supply interruptions in most areas, the municipality will continue monitoring its systems and water quality while doing everything possible to ensure that the impact to consumers is minimised.

Consumers are called on to bear with Ugu during this period, especially with the challenges associated with power blackouts.

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Article written by: South Coast Herald

Photo credit: iStock

Link: https://southcoastherald.co.za/437346/power-outages-a-threat-to-constant-water-supply-says-ugu/

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