How to raise a gentleman…some good advice to parents

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Tell me: How do you teach your son to be a gentleman?

Our sons are the fathers and protectors of the future. Raising our boys well helps society as a whole and ensures our children a better chance at happiness, as people who can function well in their relationships and dealings with others. Don’t let manners become obsolete in this new, already too rude and indulgent world. Our kids need to hear the “no’s” of how to act and how to play the game of polite society. I feel that this is part of a winning formula for success for our boys. I always think, I want my son to be the type of man I want my daughter to marry.



1. Lead by example. Boys need a role model, someone in their life they can look up to and learn from. Both my husband and Dad always take the time to teach the boys new things. Not only is it important to be an example but it’s also important to explain things to them so they understand. I am thankful to have two great men in their lives to help guide them.

2. Firmly Shake Hands and Make eye contact. I want my son to walk into a room with confidence, shake someone’s hand, and look them in the eye. Making eye contact helps build self-confidence.Kids being friends again after a fight Isolated on white


3. Be Polite. Every gentleman uses the words “Please”, “Thank you”, “Excuse me”, “Can I help you?” and they even know when to say “I’m sorry.” If my boys demand something, I tell them to ask again nicely. It’s all in the tone and I never let them get away with talking nasty.

4. Give up your seat. It’s such a simple gesture that speaks volume about the type of person you are. It’s important to think of others.

5. Acknowledge their actions. Both my husband and I make sure to tell son how proud we are when we seeing him doing something good. We want him to know what he did was good and that this is the type of behaviour my husband and I expect.

6. Help others. My husband always tells our son that even though someone may seem like they don’t need help, it’s always nice to offer it.

7. Table manners. We always make sure our children sit straight in their chairs, don’t use their hands to eat, and keep their elbows off the table. This is still a work in progress, but we aren’t going to give up!

8. Good work ethic. Of course our children think money grows on trees, so we try to show them that you need to work hard to earn money. I’m proud to say they are always eager to grab their tools and help my husband around the house. We do reward them for their hard work and this keeps them excited for the next project they can help with.

9. Never hit a Girl. From early on as well, boys must learn it is never, never, never OK to hit a girl: Even if this girl is an adversarial little sister. This may not seem fair to little boys, but it is a lesson that will ensure they understand hitting a girl can land them in jail later in life. And that violent behaviour is not tolerated on any level in society.

10. Be Good Sportsmen. In raising boys, it is important to instill good sportsmanship. They have to learn how to be a good loser and a humble winner. It is a likable quality and shows good character; even if you are fist pumping a win in your head!

What are your views?


**Tips Extracted from How to Raise a Gentleman: A Civilized Guide to Helping Your Son Through His Uncivilized Childhood Book by Kay West**




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