Ramsgate Lions Amazing Race Car Rally a joyride of note

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Teams had a blast in the Ramsgate Lions Amazing Race Car Rally on Saturday.

Jeff Smith and Deseré du Toit did a great job and spent hours planning the route.

Seven teams set off from the clubhouse and went along the main road through Margate to Shelly Beach and then on to Umtentweni.

Teams then headed over Bates Bridge, along the river, on the old road back to Shelly Beach and on the freeway back to the finish at the clubhouse in Ramsgate.

There were clues to be collected along the way. Some were easy, while a sharp lookout had to be kept for others.

Coming out as the winners were Mereli Malam and Gill and Dean Collocott (pictured).

There was a number of prizes given to all the teams and boerewors rolls filled the empty tummies.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable day and everyone that attended agreed that they will be back for next year’s event.

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