Red Bull’s crazy hotel donut stunt

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After celebrating its fourth consecutive win of the Drivers’ and Constructors’ Formula One Championships on top of the Burj Al Arab, Infiniti Red Bull Racing provided a behind the scenes photographic account of how its 750bhp Formula One car did donuts and burnouts 210 metres above the sea, on a helipad 24 metres wide. 
After a series of rigorous tests on the ground and then on the helipad of the Burj Al Arab, to test its surface for weight tolerance, grip and movement, the Red Bull project started rapidly transforming from a vision to a reality.A day prior to the stunt, while scouting what has become potentially the most famous helipad in the world, Tony Burrows, Infiniti Red Bull Racing Support Team Manager said: “Great view from up here. This is probably one of the scariest show runs we’ve done!”The car was mounted on a purpose built frame and transported from Skydive Dubai using an Agustawestland AW139 helicopter at sunrise. Its route circled around the Palm Jumeirah and approached the Burj Al Arab from the North East.

While the car made its way toward Burj Al Arab against a stunning backdrop of Dubai landmarks, the man who was soon to become the first to ever run a car on the helipad, David Coulthard said: “There was a lot of safety planning ahead of the event. We had to make sure that the structural integrity of the helipad was acceptable for doing donuts. We also knew that if the wind went above 12 knots we’d have to call it off. But, as you can see, conditions are perfect and I think we’re going create quite a wake-up call for Dubai.”

Burj Al Arab General Manager, Heinrich Morio said: “I’ve had many interesting requests during my time with Burj Al Arab and flying a Formula One car onto the helipad to do doughnuts is certainly up there! From start to finish this was a fascinating undertaking that took immense precision and detail. This will certainly go down in our history.”

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