RNM councillor tests positive for Covid-19

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The Ray Nkonyeni Municipality cordones off its Council Chamber after a Councillor tests positive for COVID-19.

The decision to cordoned off is a precaution and it came after it was established that the concerned Councilllor had been in the Council Chambers for the virtual Council meeting before being tested and confirmation of the results.

Though during the said virtual meeting all COVID-19 protocols, such as wearing of masks and social distancing were observed, the municipality decided to cordon off the Council Chambers in order to have it fumigated. The building will be of no access on Wednesday and Thursday, 10 and 11 June 2020 respectively.

In addition to this precaution and after consultation with the District Department of Health, Councillors and officials who have been in contact with the said Councillor have been screened, tested and are currently in self-quarantine up until they receive their results.

As RNM has numerous buildings, it should be noted that it’s only the Council Chambers that have been affected by these developments. This therefore means only those who either have offices or work within that building that are affected hence fumigation will take place in that building which is at 10 Connor Street, in the Port Shepstone CBD.

Our prayers are with the Councillor, all those infected or affected by this virus and we hope that the results of those who have been tested will come back negative. Let’s continue following all health and hygiene measures meant to combat the spread of COVID-19. END

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