RNM decides that defined members of private security companies will be appointed as peace officers

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Some good news for now. RNM Council on Tuesday resolved that defined Officers from the private security companies would be appointed as Peace Officers with specific relation to littering, dumping and noise by-law enforcement. This means that these appointed Peace Officers will be able to enforce these by-laws and issue fines. Maser and Wolf in our area have submitted many names of officers for this and please note that this is being done as volunteers at no cost to Council. The whole Municipality will be covered by their respective local security companies.

They are to be thanked hugely for this generosity of resources as well as their generosity of community spirit! Their offer of assistance is hugely appreciated in tackling three of our most problematic issues namely, noise, dumping and littering.

Us as a community are surely hugely indebted to them and can show our appreciation by supporting them when we need a security company to supply alarm systems and back up.

All the applications will be now be submitted to SAPS and the Chief Magistrate for approval before implementation.

To further clarify which security companies applied for their members to be accredited as Peace Officers and how many applications per company was approved by council:
Maser – 32
Wolf – 9
Gidani – 4
Lazer 911 – 14
Gladiator – 8
Total – 67
I’m sure more security officers will be added to the list as the new system gains traction. In the end Ray Nkonyeni Municipality would like to cover the whole Municipality.

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