RNM suspends four officials implicated in alleged mismanagement of traffic money

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traffic fine


In ensuring decisive action in dealing with fraud and corruption, the municipality has decided to suspend officials implicated in the alleged mismanagement of traffic fines monies.

Upon receiving information on allegations of mismanagement of traffic fines monies, the municipality immediately suspended implicated officials. Whilst this is aimed at ensuring smooth process of investigation but it is also aimed at sending a strong message that the municipality will not tolerate fraud and corruption.

The suspended officials, of which two are working in our traffic department, and the other two in the finance department, are alleged to have colluded in this maladministration. To ensure that the investigation is not jeopardised, more information on the matter will not be divulged. However, we would like to send a strong word of caution to all employees not to be part of any corrupt activity as it will be dealt without fear or favour.

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