Road to National Enduro Championship glory starts this weekend — full details

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It’s all systems go for the National Enduro Championship opener in Utrecht on Saturday.

Organisers as promised have released a comprehensive second report on what riders can expect as well as all the need-to-know event times and details.

Powasol Eventing in a statement said of the opening round, sponsored by Liquorland:

If you for one minute thought that we haven’t gone all out to make this event the .yet you are very mistaken. Everyone has pulled together is an amazing way to assist us make this the best National Enduro in History.

From the Utrecht locals Derrick Solms and his Team, Chris Coulthard WFO Track Director, Brett Redman Powasol Events Track Director, Kym Adler WFO Secretary, Spot Martin WFO Treasurer, Guy Hodson WFO Chairman, Brenda Mills Powasol Events Director, Claire Demmer Powasol Events CoOrdinator, Xolani Mongoose Powasol Events Brand Activator, Kit Platt and Mike Wade Liquorland, Peter Wilkins Yamaha South Africa, Andrew Mulligan and Alan Smith Kings of Dirt, Carmen Hill, Wayne Riddell and MSA Team, Warren Bird and Roderick Barrett Mobii, the local Municipality, SAPS, Game Reserve Manager Robert Stannard and everyone else behind the scenes.


Sp1 a technical special designed to get the blood flowing fast. Entering the “Dug Out” will get you excited straight away. 13 Klms of what you will not expect. Brace yourself you in for a treat!

Sp2 the fun starts here for the fit, not so much for the unfit. The Special starts with a “Lesotho Style” Pass down the mountain “Snot Nose” known to the locals this is a long down hill section which will separate the “Men from the Boys” no disrespect Ladies this is where you will excel because you patient and more precise than the “boys”.

To the bottom and into a meandering Tech section with a bit of everything……rocks, “Dug-Out” crossings, fast Donkey Cart Paths and dicing between thorn trees. If you battled on the Regularity and lost time this is where you can catch up if you sharp and on target. Be safe and give it stick you have 8 Klms of this Special.

Sp3 coming towards the finish the Local Track builder / Garage owner / Fuel Merchant has designed a smart rocky river with a neat Enduro-X track to end lap 1. This is a 1.8Klms Tug of War!

Total Track distance is 50km


National E1 & E2 – 3 Laps

First lap is a sighting lap with the Sp3 as the timed special.

National: – 2 Laps

High School

Regional: – 2 Laps

125 – Juniors

Clubmans, Regional Grand Masters, Ladies and WOW: – 1 Lap (your sighting last is your race lap)

Detailed Track report from WFO Club Track Director Chris Coulthard:

The start of the race is on the rugby field and drops down onto the fairway leading west away from the club. This is a short section that takes the riders out of the country club grounds and into the Balele game reserve.

The regularity through the game reserve is a fast but safe section over mostly flat grassland through a river or two and up to the gate leading out of the reserve. This is approximately 4.8 km.

A short single track section takes the riders up the first obstacle a short steep hill call Ertzberg and out onto a tarred road from where the first racing stage will start.

This racing stage is 13km long and sees riders negotiating sandstone steps to single track paths through the thorn scrub and of course lots of rocks ! until it opens out into a nice flowing riverbed section which is an ideal spectator point for the pit crews as it is relatively close to the main road and pits. This riverbed winds its way down towards the main road leading into Utrecht and then turns sharply right to lead the riders away towards the Balele mountains.

The racing stage finishes at the top of the riverbed section a few km’s from the mountain. From here it is regularity stage all the way through a wooded river section with rocks and a bit of mud. Riders then start the climb up AASVOEL krans for about 5kms. This is a rocky slippery but very scenic section that takes the riders up to the top of the mountain pass.

The top section of AASVOEL is a little cheeky section guaranteed to get the riders breathing hard. From here it is a flat but very rocky section along the escarpment for about 6km’s that will take the riders down  to the top of SNOTNEUS , a short rocky section with loose stones that will keep the riders breathing hard. Down to the bottom of the escarpment again sees the start of the second racing stage.

This stage takes the riders through the thorn scrub on single track and mowed grassland with rocks !! Excersise caution here as this section is rocky. The second stage is approximately 8km long and ends next to the district road leading up to the Utrecht town view point.

The riders will work their way up a road section to the top of the view point, where they will then drop down back towards the game reserve with a very long and steep down hill section with steps and a hairpin called heart attack !!. Riders join the game reserve at the bottom of the hill and proceed once again on flat grassland towards the dam adjacent to the golf course .

Here they drop into the last of the river beds which takes the riders around the golf course and brings them out behind the start finish where they will start with the final cross test section  of 1.8 km of a winding sand gully leading into a flat track section with lots of berms and turns and finally over the man made obstacles and over the finish line.

Total track length is 50 km.

Start/Finish / cross test / pits

1.       27*38’26.6’’S 30*20’24.6’’E

Spectator points:

1.       27*38’58.3’’S 30*18’37.2’’E @ S1

2.       27*38’58.3’’S 30*19’57.5’’E @ See them going out toword gamepark next to road to club

3.       27*38’49.6’’S 30*18’10.5’’E @ See them going up ivory steps

4.       27*38’23.5’’S 30*18’10.2’’E @ see them crossing the into the lime riverbed

5.       27*38’44.0’’S 30*17’53.9’’E @ bottem of riverbed going to donga

6.       27*37’36.1’’S 30*15’56.2’’E @ Donga at swartkops(dugout)

7.       27*36’57.9’’S 30*15’50.8’’E @ just after S1 end heading toward river crossing (bottom snot nose )

Special test 1

1.       Start : 27*38’58.3’’S 30*18’37.2’’E

2.       Stop : 27*37’10.2’’S 30*16’08.4’’E

Special test 2

1.       Start : Wrong details (shows my farm ) redo tomorrow

2.       Stop : 27*38’13.7’’S  30*17’57.8’’E

1. Registration times:

Friday: 2pm – 8pm
Saturday: 6.30am – 7.30am

2. Licenses:

1 Day licenses and WOW Class licenses will be available at R 100.00
You must have proof of Medical Aid
You must sign the indemnity Form at Registration
Club and WOW Class entries will be available on the day for R 650.00
Bring proof of your entry and Proof of your payment please?
There are limited T Shirts, Lanyards and Caps available for sale. First come first serve.

3. Start & Self Scrutinising:

7.30 is Self Scrutinising
8.00am is the start!!

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