Oribi Museum to host three exciting events in May

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The Rust Bucket, Oribi Museum in Oribi will be hosting three events over the weekend of 1 to 4 May.

Africa Bike Week – 1 to 4 May:

The Oribi Museum is an “outride” destination for all riders. Riders will get to meander through the spectacular Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve, coming out the top of the gorge and gathering in the Museum’s bar for a drink and something to eat at the Bucket Bites Kitchen and Café.

Midlands Polocrosse Championships – 2 to 4 May

Paddock Polocrosse Club and the Oribi Museum will be hosting the Midlands Polocrosse Championships.

The public are invited to watch the riveting games scheduled for Saturday, 3 May and Sunday, 4 May.

Classic cars and bikes – Park and Show – 4 May:

The Oribi Museum invite all classic, sports and specials car and bike owners to join them on Sunday, 4 May for a Park and Show amid the excitement of the polocrosse tournament.

The museum and café, catered by Jeanie’s Takeaway and Events Catering, will be open to the public from 1-4 May for all three events.

For more information, email rustbucket@oribimuseum.co.za or visit www.oribimuseum.co.za

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