Salinity levels drop as abstraction resumes at Ugu pump station

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St Helen’s rock pump station resumed abstraction last night as anticipated following a reasonable drop in salinity levels.

Bhobhoyi plant production is at 80 MLD, salinity level is 80 ms/m and currently stable.

Marburg booster and Sport n Leisure are running this morning.

Northern and Southern booster offline to allow plant to stabilise during peak and they will be started during the day.

Marburg system: reservoir is filling up and in the afternoon Esperanza should be started when Marburg is at least 50%.

Northern system: Umzimkhulu and Albersville, and Tower reservoirs and both filling steadily.

Northern Shepstone reservoir supply line pressure building up.

These areas may get water later today: Louisiana, Kwamadlala pump station, Anerly and Melville when Umzimkhulu reach +70%.

Gamalakhe reservoir is building up; low areas should start getting during the day; the rest latest tomorrow due to airlock and reservoir level still building up to optimum levels.

Southern system: Parts of Margate and Ramsgate may fully recover later tonight going to tomorrow. However other streets should be getting already. Seaslopes system is still critical but building up capacity.

Shelly Beach, Uvongo command reservoirs are healthy, supply should be open by now.

Murchison pump station will start to resupply hospital as usual.

URGENT PLEA: NO filling of swimming pools and storage tanks as yet until all areas receive water.

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