Sheppie SAPS educate students on their safety

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Local police have been visiting schools over the last week to educate students about the different issues that can impact their lives and future.

Port Shepstone police members told the Grade R- learners at Suid-Natal Primary School on Thursday about the dangers of talking and going with strangers, accepting gifts from strangers and the danger of guns and other weapons.

“They were also informed about the dangers of drowning and that they must also be accompanied by and adult when going to the beach, a swimming pool or a dam,” police spokesperson, Lt Col Zandra Wiid said.

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Lt WOff Marc Wiid and Sgt Ronald Cwele from the Port Shepstone K9 unit then went to the even younger children at Pikkie Pre School and also spent some time with them, addressing the same subjects.

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Lt col Zandra Wiid and Sgt Stanley Holloway visited learners at Port Shepstone Senior Primary School to discuss the dangers of drugs on Friday.

Sgt Holloway did a brief overview of the the different types of drugs and the devastating effects it has on people’s lives.

He warned the learners about the consequences when being arrested for drugs and the criminal record that goes hand in hand with such an arrest. He added once having a criminal record for possession of drugs, it has serious implications for that person regarding job opportunities or other matters such as obtaining a passport or even a visa.

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