Saturday water supply update from Ugu

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St Helen’s Rock high-lift No.2 duty and spare motor coils are burnt and abstraction capacity reduced. First motor repairs in progress with repairs completion, testing and delivery latest 28th October 2020.

In the interim the Bhobhoyi plant is treating 75 MLD i.e. 6 MLD below full capacity. Plant reservoir currently at 80% after building up overnight; plant boosters and Sport and Leisure have been started this morning.

Gamalakhe, Seaslopes and Umzimkhulu command reservoir will be supplied alternatively due to reduced plant capacity.

Gamalakhe reservoir is low; Sport and Leisure pumps have just been started to build up reservoir. Tower is currently empty due to low main reservoir level. Water relief arranged.

Kaisers reservoir is low; kaisers pumps off to build up Seaslopes and pumps will be started during the day. Nosita and Nosita game pumps are also off.

Ramsgate North and South reservoir currently healthy; Ramsgate south break on Lynne road will be repaired this morning.

Shelly Beach, Uvongo, Margate CBD systems are stable.

Umzimkhulu reservoir is slowly climbing at 40%, Northern booster running; North Shepstone reservoir empty while Umzimkhulu feed is building up pressure to low lying areas in Sea Park.

Hibberdene, Woodgrade, Pumula affected by same low level of Umzimkhulu command.

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