Saturday water supply update from Ugu

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Southern system:

Shelly Beach; reservoir is now building up.

Gamalakhe: no water on 600 south and Gamalakhe offtake, investigation still ongoing. Water trucks sent to Gamalakhe and areas still outstanding. 600 line being prioritised to restored supply to Gamalakhe and Seaslopes reservoirs as soon as possible.

Bomela pump station vandalised, power cables removed; work in progress to reinstate.

Uvongo; reservoir supply has been affected due to closed supply, line opened and reservoir slowly building up.

Seaslopes reservoir empty; bulk water supply opened last night and discovered a damaged section on the incoming main; pipeline and fittings are being sourced. There is no feed to Kaisers and Ramsgate; Ramsgate North and South are dry, Gayridge, Margate Extension 3 affected. Water Tankers dispatched for Nosita.

Margate CBD supply reservoirs; 2A reservoir now climbing at 25% supply was affected by closed valve and feed to 9A affected slowly dropping affecting Margate CBD and Manaba and will start climbing with 2A building up.

System interference still impact on speedily water restoration.

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