Scaredy cat: Lioness sneaks up on lion and gives him fright of his life — video

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This is the hilarious moment a lion proved he was the ultimate scaredy cat after he got the fright of his life when a sneaky lioness crept up behind him and made him jump.

The male lion called Shungu was relaxing in his enclosure completely oblivious to the lioness’ mischievous plan.

As he’s relaxing, the lioness called Shani can be seen silently inching closer and closer to Shungu in a bid to take him by surprise.

As soon as she is close enough she reaches out and touches Shungu with her paw causing the terrified lion to leap into the air.

Clearly unimpressed with Shani’s prank, Shungu turns around and roars angrily at her clearly warning her not to play tricks on him like that again.

But according to Sarah Carter, 45, who captured the hilarious moment on camera, Shani loves to sneak up on Shungu and is often catching him unawares.

Ms Carter filmed the footage at the Twala Trust Animal Sanctuary in Zimbabwe where she is founder.

Daily Mail

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