POWER PLAY: Recovering addicts send strong message to scholars during South Coast drug and alcohol abuse tour

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The 60 Minutes Fight Against Drug and Alcohol Abuse School Tour was an incredible success again this year.

The non-profit company took to the schools for the 8th time, an educational production for pupils and a once in a lifetime experience for recovering addicts in treatment.

The production was made up of a play by patients of the Cedars Addiction Treatment Centre; testimonials by addicts in recovery. It included musical and dance performances by NoMind, Lisa, Lindiwe and GhettoBoys.

The play told a story which was centred around a convicted offender who was imprisoned for drug related offences. He was sharing his story with a young man who was being introduced to prison for drug related offences.

His story began with peer pressure then experimentation and then addiction. When addiction got the better of him, it controlled him to the point where he contributed to the robbery of his parent’s home, which resulted in the murder of his mother.

“Once again the tour made a huge impact on the lives of the school children we visited. We ensured that the story related to activities that actually happen among them and therefore moved a lot of them to tears. Our dream is to reduce drug addiction in schools by creating awareness of the real stories and consequences of taking drugs – as told by recovering patients at Cedars,” commented organiser Brighton Hlatshwayo.

The team visited Grosvenor Girls High, Isizibeni Secondary, Queensburgh Girls High, KwaHluzinqondo High, Scottburgh High and Umzinto Prison.

“We would again like to extend our thanks to our sponsors whom without the support of we would not have been able to carry out this onerous task of attempting to create a country with responsible youth who grow up to be responsible members of society.

“Our sponsors this year were Sappi, Lightness Productions, S Hlatshwayo Attorney, WaterDynamix, StickIt, RM Construction, Sagatronics, Grand Rapid Spur, Atlanta Spur; Coffee Lounge and our publicity sponsor Olivia Jones Communications.”

For more information about the tour please contact Mr. Brighton Hlatshwayo on 083 743 3435 or via email at lightnessproductions@gmail.com.

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