Bild newspaper: ‘Schumi has beaten lung infection’

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 Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher, lying in a coma in a French hospital since his skiing accident in December 2013, has overcome a lung infection, reports German daily Bild.


The newspaper had reported two days earlier (Feb 12) that Schumacher had contracted pneumonia but it said that the infection had occurred and “this week no longer spells an acute danger.

“Therefore Schumi has already won the fight against pneumonia.”

Schumacher has been in intensive care in Grenoble University Hospital since his December 29 2013 accident in the Alpine resort of Meribel in which. He hit his head against a rock in an impact strong enough to crack his helmet.

After surgery to reduce bleeding and bruising he was placed in a medically induced coma and his body temperature lowered to reduce the risk of further damage.

Schumacher’s spokesman said on January 30 2014 that the drugs used to keep him in a coma were being reduced with a view to bringing him back to consciousness.

His family said he was “still in a waking up process” which could take a long time.

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