Security Alert: Eskom Warning

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Dear Resident,

Please be vigilant of people who are posing as Eskom contractors and going to residential homes claiming to be contracted to carry out inspections with regards to the household’s consumption in the interest of energy efficiency initiatives.

Eskom did appoint such a contractor by the name of Karebo, who visited residents only upon request by the home-owner and where a definite appointment was confirmed to fit on geyser/pool timers, replace incandescent bulbs and showerheads, but this contract has now come to an end and there are no new contractors on board. 

Eskom warns that these scammers are also phoning residents, requesting personal details, such as number of people in the household, times of occupation during the day or night, or whether they would be interested in an Eskom retrofit. Residents are urged not to entertain such questions.

Please be on the lookout for any suspicious activity and report it immediately to your security company, your local community security forum or the police.

Yours in safety
ADT Team

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