Sharks Board reports large shoals of sardines south of Port St Johns

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Thursday 13th June 2019

Yesterday, Wednesday 12th June, we received confirmed reports of sardine related activity
between the Nqabara River Mouth and the Dwesa Marine Reserve. It was reported that there
were large shoals of fish spotted with thousands of gannets feeding in amongst these shoals.
We also received a report late yesterday afternoon of activity in the Rame Heads area which
is 26 km South of Port St Johns. This activity consisted of common dolphins and gannets
feeding in this area.

There have been no further sightings of much activity north of this but hopefully the sardine
activity will increase between Port St Johns and Port Edward after the cold front passes later
this evening. Please keep in mind that most of the reporting and feedback we are receiving is
in the inshore areas, so as we all know there is always a possibility of being surprised by fish
which have moved through undetected in the deeper waters.
These fish are very unpredictable and have always kept us all guessing about the movement.
There are always numerous opinions but one seldom guesses right when it comes to sardines.
It is probably just as well otherwise the sardine stocks might have been non-existent by now.
The KZNSB will continue to monitor activity in the days ahead.

Greg Thompson
Acting: Head of Operations

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