Sheppie, AMBC in sevens heaven

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After another rain-enforced postponement, the Kingfisher Bowling Association (KBA) Sevens semis and finals were completed on a bright and sunny Sunday at The Bell.

The men’s sevens was won, in a “winner-takes-all” final, by Port Shepstone, who beat runners-up A.M.B.C.

The Daphne Conradie Sevens was won by A.M.B.C. The runners-up were Margate “A”, in third place were Port Shepstone and fourth was The Bell.

“Thank you to everyone involved for your patience and understanding in what has been a difficult couple of weeks with rain interference,” said KBA president, Barbara Brook.

“The Executive would like to thank The Bell for their facilities and flexibility over the last weekend and special thanks to the ladies in the kitchen who bent over backwards to keep everyone fed and watered.”

She added: “It looks like the gremlins were working overtime on the new diary. Apologies to those concerned but the 2017 Trips results on page three are from the previous year and not this year.

The good news is the correct pictures on the facing page are correct.

“The women’s winners were Maureen Muller, Cyndy McMurtry and Tina Barbour and the runners-up Maureen Head, Johannie Theron and Michelle Vermeulen.”

“The men’s winners were Roy Anderson, Howard Frizelle and Mark Smith and the runners-up were Mark Bischoff, John Hové and Nellis Hattingh.”

Photo: Men’s winners (L-R) Brian Rawlins, Eddie Fann, Lynden Wright, Murray Ross, John Nadauld, Kevin Lancaster and Dave Price.

Women’s winners (L-R) Gina George, Maureen Lancaster, Liesje de Rosner, Delysia Mitchley, Hilary Holmes, Annatjie Kidd and Hester Hankey.

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