Sheppie High bids farewell to two of its greatest-ever stalwarts

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Friday marked an extraordinary day in the history books of Port Shepstone High School.

It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to two of the finest men this school has ever had pass through its doors – Logan Naidu and Allan Naidoo.

Logan started his illustrious career at Sheppie High on 10 February 1975 as a Biology lab technician, when the labs were still located in the old prefab buildings (now the art centre).

It was midway through 1976 when the laboratories were moved to the freshly completed ‘new block’ and a new era began.

From 1994, he started to assist in the printing department one day a week and was promoted to the full time position in that capacity by Mr Black in 2001.

Allan began his wonderful journey at Sheppie High in April 1976 as a Science lab technician, and has been an integral part of the Science department from then on. He handled all the Science expos, workshops and trainings which Sheppie High became renowned for.

Over and above these duties, Allan would be seen faithfully shuttling learners around the province to various sports and extra-curricular events during the week and weekends.

Allan and Logan have been fundamental to the success of Sheppie High and were always there to assist with sound engineering, school functions, setting up of exam centres, parents’ evenings, open days etc.

These men are the embodiment of what the true Sheppie Spirit is, and they have made a palpable difference in thousands of people’s lives.

Between them, Logan and Allan have dedicated almost 100 years of service to this school and they leave behind a monumental legacy. We will miss them both with all of our hearts.

Happy retirement Mr Logan Naidu and Mr Allan Naidoo – you have earned the right to rest now!

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