Sheppie High matric learner offers words of wisdom

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As the Port Shepstone High School grade 12s continue on their final leg of a challenging year, Nhlonipho Shezi has some words of wisdom for his peers:

“It has been an absolute honour to serve Port Shepstone High School in my capacity as deputy head boy for Spirit and Pride.

“One of the most important lessons I have learned and wish to pass on to my peers and the next generation of Port Shepstone High School, is that we no longer owe it simply to ourselves to succeed, but we also owe it to the people who shared their knowledge and wisdom with us.

“Simply put, it is no longer just about us, but the people around us who have sacrificed a large part of themselves for the greater good – family, educators and friends.

“Thank you Port Shepstone High School, it has been a great time in office. Iyaaaah.”

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