Sheppie police trio arrest security guard

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Constables  Travis Dickens, Lee Frost and Raphael Smithwick   from POP Port Shepstone SAPS, attended to a complaint  of Attempted Robbery in Murchison on Thursday, 22 August 2013, at  16:30.  It was alleged that the suspects wanted to rob a shop.  However by the time the police arrived the suspects had allegedly fled the scene.  Upon questioning the security guard who is employed by a security company in Bizana, he told the police that he scared the suspects, who were armed, away.  When he was asked how, he said he pointed them with his fire-arm.  When the members tested the fire-arm, it was unlicensed.  The guard, Mzokhanyayo Mbewane 34,   claimed that his employer gave it to him.   However when the employer was contacted, he denied it.  The guard was arrested and charged for Possession of an unlicensed fire-arm and ammunition.   He appeared in port Shepstone  court the next day.  Bail was set at R1000-00.  The case was remanded to 27 November 2013.

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