Sheppie SAPS: Festive season safety precautions and contact numbers

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The South African Police Service commends the public for taking reasonable steps to ensure their personal safety and recommends that they improve on these safety precautions to secure their homes, businesses and when they are out in public.

In view of the upcoming festive season, criminals take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere and large influx of people to intensify their criminal activities, therefore extra vigilance is necessary.

At home:

Ensure that garages and tool sheds are properly secured, and that bicycles and such are not left out in the driveway or on the veranda.

Make sure premises are properly lit and that large shrubs and bushes are cut back to improve visibility.

Do not let unknown persons onto your property even if they claim to be electrical or municipal employees performing routine checks. Notify a trusted neighbor or relative if you are leaving your home for an extended period of time.


Do not keep large amounts of cash on the business premises and be on the lookout for suspicious customers.

Business owners must not open for anyone after the business has closed and avoid opening the shop until late at night.

When in public:

Make sure your vehicle is locked by physically checking the door and do not leave valuables and items lying in the car. Lock them in the boot.

Avoid wearing expensive jewelry when walking about when shopping.

Do not carry large sums of money and do not accept help from anyone at an ATM.

Be aware of suspicious e-mails, cellphone messages, Facebook adverts and SMS’s prompting disclosure of personal details to defraud you.

Beware of persons claiming to call from call centers requesting you to switch off your phone in the pretense that someone is attempting to access their bank accounts.

Keep a list of emergency numbers close by. If you have an alarm system, make sure it is serviced regularly and in good working order.

Telephone numbers to call in Port Shepstone are the SAPS Port Shepstone Community Service Centre (CSC) on 039 688 1002/3 or our Control Room on 039 682 9204/9211 or SAPS 10111.

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