Racers adding finishing touches for tomorrow’s Soapbox Festival of Speed at Dezzi’s

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It’s time to start building your Soapbox cart to join in the fun and support this charity event. Challenge your friends, family, schools and businesses to a race in what will be a fun-filled annual event at KZN’s prestigious motor racing track, courtesy of Des Gutzeit and family.

This year’s race is on 2 July, and there will be two different tracks this year. Number One will be for youngsters, and Number Two will be a hill climb track for superfast cars which are really race worthy, with excellent brakes because of the high speeds that will be reached.

Date           : 2 July 2017

Time           : 9am

Venue        : Dezzi’s Race Way (Oslo Beach)

Facebook   : Rotary and Thompson Nissan Soapbox Festival of Speed

Race Categories:

  1. Mini Movers: 4-7 years old – 10m – R25
  2. Pre-Open : 8-15 years old – 200m – R50
  3. Novelty/Traditional Cart: Open – 200m – R50
  4. Open Race: 16 years + – 200m – R100
  5. Trophy Challenge: Open – 500m + – R100

Please see notice for rules below:


RULES: Updated 2 May 2017

  1. No helmet no race
  2. NO PLASTIC WHEELS as they disintegrate (Except for Mini Movers)
  3. Adequate safety gear
  4. Braking is a critical safety aspect of your cart and brake efficiency will be checked at scrutineering. Builders must ensure adequate testing and be satisfied that the brakes are able to slow the your cart at high speed. A minimum of 2 wheels must be braked either separately or by way of a solid axle brake.

Braking onto the road surface is not allowed.

  1. Scrutineering of carts will take place on the 24th June & 1st July at Thompson Nissan Shelly Beach between 8am and 12 noon. These promise to be festive mornings and some of last year’s carts and new will be on display.

Should assistance be required prior to this, please contact the organizers.

  1. All carts must have both front and rear tow hitch points.
  2. In line with international safety standards, forward facing (head first) carts will not be allowed.
  3. All racers are to ensure that the indemnity section on their entry form has been complete correctly. Racers below the age of 18 must have parental consent signed on their indemnity form.
  4. All racers to collect their race numbers from registration marquee and display it visibly on the front of their cart.
  5. A maximum of two persons may pay to enter and race the same cart, however only the fastest racer may progress to the final should the cart be a top competitor.
  6. Racers below the age of 10 may not compete in the main event being the Trophy Challenge. This race is to determine the Fastest Racer of the day.

NOTE: The Trophy Challenge is a high speed event.

  1. Novelty carts will be judged for prizes both in terms of appearance and speed.

Traditional carts will be judged for prizes by speed only.

However, both Novelty and Traditional carts will be subjected to the standard safety requirements as with all other carts.

  1. Any form of assisted power including engines, pedals or running feet will result in the cart and competitor being disqualified.
  2. No persons will be allowed on the track unless they are racing or an official.
  3. Branding is only allowed on your cart or clothing.
  4. Any person or organization wanting to sponsor a race or prizes are to please contact Richard at richardt@thompsonmotors.co.za
  5. Please see the event Facebook page (Rotary and Thompson Nissan Soapbox Festival of Speed) for ideas and please post progress pictures of your carts.

**Rules and race program may be adjusted at the organizers discretion.

For assistance: Iris or Richard on 039-6857000 or  trucks@thompsonmotors.co.za

Entry forms are available from Thompson Nissan Port Shepstone

Photo: Getting in the mood for the race is Emma Thompson.

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