South Coast artists: The AFVF 2014 Arts Contest deadline is creeping up

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With the end-of-September deadline creeping up, the creative people of the South Coast have less than a month to dust off the cobwebs from their paints, pencils, instruments and cameras and put their creative skills to good use.

The Arts, Film and Video Forum’s (AFVF) third annual arts contest is well under way.

Hilton O’Dwyer of the AFVF said that this year’s contest has gone one better than last year with two new categories added, namely viz. fine arts (paintings, sketches, etc.) and jewellery design.

“Every picture and every design has a story to tell,” said Hilton.

“The story may be a personal one, but it is something that we can share with the world as art can only be appreciated when it can be displayed for all to appreciate and enjoy.

“There is also that special creativity that can be used to tell the South Coast story. So be it in paintings, songs, film or jewellery, this is your opportunity to put your God-given creativity to good use.”

This year, as in 2013, the contest winners will be announced at the Awards Dinner that will be held on 18 October.

Besides earning a place in the spotlight, winners will also walk away with some nice prizes.

The contest also serves as a platform for contestants to make that extra effort to put their best foot forward.

Those who are using their talent just as a hobby are encouraged to enter just for the fun of it and to network with like-minded creative people who can add value to their lives and their hobbies.

As in the past, South Coast Tourism, Hibiscus Coast Municipality, South Coast Herald, The Mustard Seed and several other businesses have thrown the support behind the initiative.

The event is planned annually and is planned to become the premier showcase of artistic talent on the South Coast.

Entering is easy:
1. Email the organisers for a set of the rules.
2. Record, film or draw your entry – there is no limit to the number of entries you may submit.
3. Email your entry to the organisers or submit your cd/dvd or hardcopy to any one of the drop-off points.
4. Submit proof of payment with your entry.

Original copies of paintings and sketches are not required – just a crisp, clear photo/photocopy of your entry. The originals of the winning entries will be verified.

Winners will be informed early and invited to the awards dinner where the positions will be announced.

To enter, email

AFVF Arts Contest 2014 Poster

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