South Coast athletes follow in pastor’s footsteps

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Several South Coast athletes followed pastor Daan van Niekerk’s example and embarked on lockdown prayer runs over the weekend.

Van Niekerk completed a remarkable 30-hour run on Saturday during which he prayed for countries around the world amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The local pastor’s heroics inspired many of his fellow South Coast Striders members to do similar runs.

To highlight just a few, Taryn Milligan (pictured) ran 380-odd laps around her yard to reach the full marathon mark of 42.2km.

She commented, “I can confirm that the only being I will ever run 42.2km around my yard for is Jesus!”

Linda Torlage and Maxine Sayers.

Linda Torlage and Maxine Sayers completed a 25km prayer run. “Thanks Pastor Daan for the motivation. I did a similar run (than Van Niekerk’s 30-hour effort) just minus the zero,” joked Torlage.

Deborah Berridge, meanwhile, put in six hours and 46km.

Deborah Berridge.

It wasn’t just local athletes who followed in Van Niekerk’s footsteps.

Shaun and Marsha Muller were among the non-local runners who stepped out in prayer, with the couple doing a 20km run.

Shaun Muller.
Marsha Muller.

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