South Coast Hospice Tree of Light shines bright

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Roughly 300 people came together to celebrate and remember their loved ones in a special way during South Coast Hospice’s Tree of Light ceremony at Southcoast Mall on Saturday.

The holiday season is a time of tradition, hope and joy, usually celebrated with family and friends. Inevitably, holidays also turn our thoughts to loved ones who are no longer here but whose memory burns brightly in our hearts. To help families and friends cope with the holiday season, Tree of Stars and Light was created.

The proceedings started with the Pipers leading the children in – a wonderful way to start the event with the children from Tiny Town singing, ‘Twinkle, Twinkle little star,’ which was joined in by everyone. The children’s smile and chatter ensured that in spite of sadness, we can look forward with hope and gratitude.

Three candles were lit, representing our community, which was done by Mrs Ramlall, Sr. Rachel from South Coast Hospice lit the candle for our patients and Mrs Karen Warman, South Coast Hospice’s grief and bereavement counsellor, lit the candle for all those that grieve.

Mrs Saroj Chellan, a lifetime member and supporter of Hospice, came forward to switch on the lights, accompanied by the very moving song sung by Linda Ronstadt, ‘Somewhere out there.’

The tree, once lit, was transformed in a beautiful symbol of remembrance and love. If you purchased a star to honour a loved one, South Coast Hospice thanks you and hopes that you will continue this holiday tradition. If you are new to our Hospice family, please consider your pledge as an opportunity to build new traditions.

The evening was ended off by the Pipers playing ‘Old Lang Syne,’ which is a true Hospice tradition.

All funds raised through this event, contributes to the care and support of patients and their families, both in the Inpatient Unit and in their homes.

You are invited to send any photos that were taken on this special night to Joy at The story of your journey means the world to us.

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