South Coast kids learning ancient Indian art

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Music is powerful. A simple song or chorus on a bad day can change your spirit. That said, Indian classical music is food for the soul. However, there is something very rewarding about being able to play these ancient instruments.

“These instruments, when played together, create melodious sounds that feed your soul,” Guru Vernon Govender from the Sa Re Ga Ma Music School which focuses on the art of playing the Harmonium, percussion instruments and signing.

The music school has 40 students from all age groups, but Govender says that there is an increase in younger children. “Younger children are becoming more involved in music, and in playing the instruments. It becomes a fun time for them but also a form of meditation… These classes are a good way of learning about the Indian culture as well,” he said.


The Sa Re Ga Ma Music School was born out of Govenders passion for music and Indian culture. “The community was losing its culture and this is an ideal way to bring it back,” he said. The school continues to grow and Govender hopes more of the youth with get involved.

The image

If you or any family member would like to inquire about or join the Sa Re Ga Ma School please call Vernon Govender on 074 676 9424.

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