Southcity joins Ashton’s Army

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In the past, Southcity Preparatory has supported Slipper Day, which is a fundraiser for Reach for a Dream Foundation.

This year, a group of Grade 7 pupils approached us to help raise funds in support of young Ashton Dry from the Port Edward community, who was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia in February.

He has started aggressive chemotherapy and they have appealed to the public to test for a stem cell donor. The next step for him is a bone marrow transplant.

We commend our pupils for their thoughtfulness in helping a friend. All proceeds will be paid into the fund which has been established for Ashton to assist with his treatment.

Please continue to uphold this brave young boy and his family in your prayers.

Southcity unites in support of Ashton.

Ashton’s mom, Nicole, commented, “For the most part, I have managed to compose myself and my emotions when it comes to Ash and this very hard journey we are on…but each time we get a heartfelt message, act of kindness, special prayer or any form of sweet innocent love from kids it finishes me, I cry like a baby.

“This is definitely no exception. I was sent this beautiful picture [above] of a community of children, some that know Ashton personally and some who have never ever met him but all of them have loved him and supported him unconditionally. The way God intended us to love.

“Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Southcity and all its precious children.”

For more information about Ashton and to support his fund, click here.

Learners (L-R) Theresa van Tonder, Chanté Ranger, Khayone Sigcaba, Riley Zürcher,
Ava Sookrahjh, Esme Shaun and Anelisiwe Petse don their beanies.

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