SPCA upgrades thanks to South Coast businesses

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14369856_1051798294928141_1926849635194223331_nMichael Muller’s dreams for the Lower South Coast SPCA are becoming a reality thanks to the generous people of the South Coast.

When Muller started at the local SPCA three years ago, he had three major items on his wish list for the local SPCA. “The first, of course, was the animal hospital; the second was to have our own animal crematorium so we could have a dignified way to dispose of the remains of pets and animals that has passed on. The third would be the upgrading of our kennels,” Muller said.

The first of  Muller’s wish was completed. Now, with the help of three local companies, the Lower South Coast SPCA is one step closer to realising wish number two.

Muller thanked the Beekman Group for their generous donation of an incinerator that would be able to cremate the remains of our departed pets.

“Weighing in at a total of 10 tons lifting and transporting this beast was a massive challenge in itself,” Muller added.

“Thank you to Jimilo construction for transporting this unit from its previous address and D-Tech engineering for making a crane available to us.

“There is still much to do before we will be able to start operating this service, but let’s say the “heavy weights of the project” are off our shoulders,” Muller concluded.

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