Drifting the tyres away on Saturday

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This Saturday the hills around the Gutzeit homestead and superb racetrack in Oslo Beach will be alive with the sound of revving macho engines, the screeching of cars and drivers fighting tremendous G-forces while drifting around corners, mostly sideways and at breakneck speeds. Smoke and the smell of rubber being burnt off tyres at an astonishing rate, will be everywhere.  Any self-respecting drifting fan will tell you that is what makes the adrenalin pump, especially if the guys in the cars are the cream of the crop capable of precision driving. This weekend’s national event, which promises to be one of the thrillers of the year, is the 5th in a series of nine SupaDrift competitions this year, and has drawn the cream of SupaDrifters from all over the country.

Businessman Des Gutzeit is known for his passion for motor sport, and it has become a family affair over the years with him and his sons taking part in various  different types of competitions all over the country.  He hosted the national hill climb recently, and he plans to host various events in the future at his immaculately laid out and equipped track on his property.

Before we did the interview with him, he took cameraman Lencel Celliers for a spin in his monster Nissan to get some video shots from inside the car……..and after getting out of the car, it took Lencel at least five minutes just to get his eyes to focus normally.

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