6 BASE jumps you simply must see

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What goes up must come down – but it’s best if it’s in a wingsuit. Check out these crazy BASE jumps.

BASE Jumping is the the ultimate adventure sport – free-falling through the sky, without the hassle of riding in a plane. It’s the adventurer’s adventure and people have taken it crazy places. Here’s some of our favorites from the past year…

  • 1. From the world’s tallest building

Fred Fugen and Vincent Reffet wanted to go big – and how else better to do it than with a head-first dive off of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which at 828m is the world’s tallest building!

>> Watch the jump from the world’s tallest building <<

  • 2. The biggest BASE jump ever

Rather than the tallest building, Patrick Kerber wanted to find the most height from take-off to landing – and he did. It was “The most flyable altitude as defined by the difference from exit point to landing – 3,240m!”

>> Watch the biggest BASE jump ever <<

  • 3. The jump in the dark

Our friends Fred Fugen and Vincent Reffet, and the rest of the Soulflyers team, pulled off this insane stunt last year – a moonlit wingsuit BASE jump, with specially outfitted wingsuits featuring bright lights.

>> Watch the night dive <<

  • 4. From the hightest mountain in the world

It’s the highest anyone has ever BASE-jumped from, high up on Mt Everest. Valery Rozov’s biggest concern? Whether the air was too thin for his wingsuit to properly inflate.

>> Watch Rozov jumping from mount Everest <<

  • 5. BASE jump and inverted wingsuit flight

When BASE Jumping becomes acrobatic… In 2013, Fred Fugen and Vincent Reffet performed an inverted wingsuit flight for one of their last jumps of the season in the Dolomites. A great example of acrobatic flying.

>> Watch the inverted wingsuit flight over the Dolomites <<

  • 6. The BASE from space

Purists might argue that this was a skydive, not a BASE jump – and they’d probably be right. But there’s no question Felix Baumgartner’s jump was unprecedented aerial artistry.

>> Watch the BASE from space <<

Discover more Base Jump locations…

From skyscrappers, to inside a hotel and over the beach, here’s a few more cool spots people have entered the earthly atmosphere.

>> Check out our best BASE Jump photos << 

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