‘Ivan the Incredible’ does it again

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This past weekend saw the men’s golf section of Margate Country Club play their Club Championships.

Emerging victorious as the 2019 club champion and also winning the A Division, was Ivan Curlewis, with a gross score of 155. Amazingly, this is the 36th time Curlewis has been crowned club champion.

Winning the B Division was Carlos Pereira, with 180 gross, and the winner of the C Division was Eddie Davies (29 points oco).

The runners-up were Douglas Sima (A Division, 157 gross), Joe Espach (B Division, 182 gross) and Steve Caldicott (C Division, 29 points), while best nett honours went to Robin Shuttleworth (A Division) and Mike Geiger (B Division).

Margate Country Club honours legendary Curlewis with 50th anniversary celebration – video

Other results:

Tuesday’s “Connie’s Day”:
1st Maureen Pitcher and Una McLachlan 42 pts oco
2nd Rene Paton and Jean Page 42 pts
3rd Margaret Taylor and Beryl Williamson 41 pts.

Tuesday’s 100 Club:
1st Angus McLachlan 37 pts
2nd Ivan Curlewis 36 pts oco.

Wednesday’s Wobblers:
1st Frank Merrill, Bob Weanie, Otto Mutschler with 84 pts,
2nd Roy Nolan, Alan Davies, Brian Jefferys 83 pts, 3rd Thys Bothma, John Gibson, Ernie Janse 81 pts.
Arthur Tomlinson Floater went to Hanz Dallinger, Peter Hunter, Louie Gouws 59 pts.

Thursday’s Pro Shop Competition:
1st Riaan Croucamp 39 pts
2nd Pierre Malherbe 37 pts.

Monthly Medal:
(A Div) 1st Douglas Sima 74 nett
2nd Ivan Curlewis 80 nett
(B Div) 1st Mike Geiger 74 nett oco
2nd Rob Weyer 74 nett
(C Div) 1st Dave Morrison 30 pts,
2nd Eddie Davies 30 pts.

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