Margate Country Club results: 18 to 24 November

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This past week’s golf results at Margate Country Club at a glance:

Tuesday 19 November, Ladies Day, Alliance:
1st Maureen Ogilvie, Agnes Spielmann, Hannetjie Pretorius and Lizzie Meyer 76 points

Tuesday 19 November, Club 100, IPS:
1st Ivan Curlewis 36 points oco
2nd Frik van Zyl 36 points

Wednesday 20 November, Wobblers, Alliance:
1st Freddie Boshoff, Nico van Vuuren and Johan Hulshof 84 points
2nd Derek Egerton, Bob Weanie and Piet Pretorius 80 points
3rd Brian Jeffreys, Rod O’Farrell and Rob Brien 76 points
Arthur Tomlinson Floater: Andre Henn, Ernie Janse and Frank Merrill 62 points

Thursday 21 November, Margate Pro Shop, IPS:
1st Chris Nel 39 points
2nd Harold Olkers 37 points
Nearest to the pin (4th) Craig Rademan
Nearest to the pin (11th) Carlos Pereira

Saturday 23 November, Ladies Competition, Betterball Stableford:
1st Shannon Gottlieb and Connie McArthur 39 points
2nd Beryl Williamson and Margaret Taylor 36 points

Saturday 24 November, Club Competition, Various Formats:
A Division (Medal)
1st Sbu Ntozakhe 69 nett
2nd Ivan Curlewis 71 nett
B Division (Medal)
1st Rob Weyer 69 nett
2nd Mike Lee 73 nett oco
C Division (IPS)
1st Doug Johnston 35 points
2nd Wayne Minnaar 33 points
Nearest to the pin (2nd) Shaun Nathanson
Nearest the pin for 2 (7th) Robin Shuttleworth

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