Port Shepstone pro giving back through newly-launched ladies golf programmes

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Nicola Eaton, resident pro at Port Shepstone Country Club, has launched a series of training programmes for ladies golfers.

Eaton endeavours to boost women’s golf on the South Coast, unearth new female talent and refine the skills of more advanced players in order to help them take their games to the next level.

To achieve these goals, Eaton is offering both beginners and intermediate programmes.

The Beginner Programme consists of two parts.

Beginner One (R1150 per person) consist of eight weeks of classes, each an hour in length, in which golfers are taught all the basics that are important aspects of the golf swing, from the set-up to swing technique, as well as learn the principals of the short game.

Ladies will then progress to Beginner Two (R800 per person), which will be more advanced, and will include on-course instruction as well as learning the rules and etiquette of the game over a five-week period.

A Get into Golf Girls competition will be run by the ladies golf section at the end of the programme, which will give ladies a chance to meet other ladies who play golf.

The Intermediate Programme (R800 per person) is for ladies who already have handicaps but want to improve their technique and short game and lower their scores.

This is a six-week programme, an hour in length each week, and includes video analysis, improved chipping technique and focuses on how to negotiate awkward putts.

“Bad habits creep in so quickly that we don’t even realise it, so this programme will remind players what they should be doing. Simple changes can have huge effects, so I highly recommend that ladies take advantage of this opportunity,” said Eaton.

“I hope to see lots of new lovely ladies joining our club soon and playing with our ladies on a Thursday and I hope to see a few old faces who are keen to better their games too.”

For more details or to sign up, email Eaton on neaton21@gmail.com or call 072 550 7367.

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