Southbroom Golf Club members walk rocky road with caddies

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Highlighting the tight-knit nature of Southbroom Golf Club, members are throwing their full weight behind the caddies who are bearing the brunt of the Covid-19 crisis.

The response to the caddy food parcel drive has been nothing short of amazing. Members recently arrived at a bakkie parked outside the pro shop in a smooth and steady flow, dropping off groceries.

Some had even made up meals and packaged them all individually while other members donated money towards hampers.

The club thanks everyone who donated to this great cause, including Trevor and Yolande Hogan of Southbroom Supermarket for sourcing, providing great pricing and even helping to pack most of the hampers.

They also took some of the bulk bags of maize meal, rice and onions and portioned them into smaller, sealed packs for easier distribution.

The response has been such that the club did another pick up on Monday and will be doing another on Monday, 4 May.

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