Hilarious descriptions of rugby players by position

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Origin unknown, but enjoy these descriptions of rugby’s positions 1 to 15.

1. Loosehead prop

Moderately tall fat lad, often aggressive when something obstructs the way to the bar, pie shop and occasionally a ruck. Does weights, no one knows why.

2. Hooker

Short fat lad with an endless capacity for cheap booze and fascinated by women miles out of his league. Believes he has rugby nous and is an athlete.

3. Tighthead prop

Fat lad who believes he’s technically a good player with good hands. Everyone else thinks he just gets in the way. Does weights, no one notices.

4. Lock

Big hard lad who thinks he’s the enforcer. Police describe him as a hooligan. Wears shorts and flip flops all year round. Lives with his mum.

5. Lock

Giraffe. Looks funny when he runs. Long arms useful in the bar. Takes up too much space. Often very fit and yet last to arrive at the breakdown.

6. Openside flank

Glory boy, often with psychotic tendencies. Will spend a lot of time in A&E (accident and emergency) but when present can carry a team. Often unpopular or young. Or both.

7. Blindside flank

A proper hard man. Can disappear for 80 minutes but emerge holding someone’s scrotum. Never buys a round.

8. Eighthman

Big bastard. Talks a good game and describes himself as a footballer. Often vain, sometimes scruffy, generally can’t hold his drink and has weird hobbies or jobs. Handy in a scuffle but best avoided socially.

9. Scrumhalf

Gobby midget who can get himself into trouble marginally faster than he can run away from it. Nothing is his fault. Good drinker.

10. Flyhalf

There are two sorts – running or kicking. Generally, they don’t know which one they are until it’s too late. Unusually nice hair and overconfident in every situation until it’s too late.

11. Left wing 

Lanky speed merchant. Can’t catch. Live in a world of their own and always forget one item of kit, often boots.

12. Inside centre

Often the best player on the pitch as well as the fittest. Limited social skills and terrified of women until the beer kicks in.

13. Outside centre

Does everything the 12 doesn’t. Socially active and often juggling multiple women. Has a nice car, good job and demanding fitness regime as well as extensive debts and an improbably large porn collection.

14. Right wing

The only reason he doesn’t score 10 tries in every game is because no one can pass. Often a big lad who really looks the part and yet never quite has the impact you hope for. Doesn’t drink.

15. Fullback

Ninety-percent of them should be shot at dawn for cowardice. Last line of defence, my arse. Secretly want to play at 10 and buys the skipper lots of pints. Too many hair products but useful source of spare socks and toiletries at away games.

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