Teams confirmed for SA National Golden Oldies Rugby Festival

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Quintin van Jaarsveld

The teams and fixtures have been confirmed as the countdown to the Fidelity Security South African National Golden Oldies Rugby Festival set to take place at Douglas Mitchell Sports Grounds from 20-22 September continues.

Thirty-two teams from across the country will converge on Uvongo for an event characterised by fun, friendship and fraternity – the mantra of the South African National Golden Oldies Rugby Association (SANGORA).

Over 600 players over the age of 35 will dust off and lace up their boots once again in a host of friendlies that are sure to entertain.

Hosts Riversmead South Coast Warriors Sugar Daddies, who last hosted the festival 15 years ago, will be represented by two teams, the Originals and the Pretenders, with the Originals set to kick things off when they take on a combined SANGORA side in an exhibition game following the opening ceremony on the Thursday evening.

The other participating teams are the Alberton Legends, Alberton Madalas, Bloemfontein Legends, Bloemfontein Legends Oldies, Boksburg Thunder Boys, Diggers DOBS, Durbell Old Boys 1 and 2, False Bay Crocs, Fidelity Security Services, Fury Golden Griffons, Goodwood Legends, Grizzlies Old Bears, Hillbillies Golden Oldies Rugby Club, Johannesburg Police Rugby Club, Laeveld Leeulopers, Losberg Golden Oaks, Middelburg Ougatte, Mongrels, Musketeers, Naka Goue Oues, Naka Old Boys, Parks Golden Oldies, Pretoria Harlequins Madalas, Richards Bay Rugga Rhinos, Stade Jo’burg, Tendellas Golden Oldies, Toti Rugby Club Old Boys, TWR and the Western Lions.

The laws of the game are modified to reflect the spirit of Golden Oldies rugby. Players wear colour-coded shorts or bibs based on their age, which among other things determine the level of physicality for each age group.

The festival will see two full days of rugby and with sportsmanship superseding results, there are no play-offs or final.

Instead, prizes will be awarded to the teams who played the most attractive rugby, displayed the best spirit and for the best dressed side.

The festival will raise funds for the Southern KwaZulu-Natal Rugby Sub-Union’s club and academy structures as well as the Chris Burger Petro Jackson Players’ Fund.

The organisation, known as Rugby’s Caring Hands, provides physical, psychological and emotional assistance to players who’ve sustained life-altering head, neck and spine injuries, and is currently actively supporting 107 recipients.

Fidelity Security South African National Golden Oldies Rugby Festival Agenda:

Thursday, 20 September:
18:00: Arrival and Socializing
19:00: Opening Ceremony:
Welcoming and Introduction of Teams
Host & President Short Speech
19:30: Exhibition Game
20:30: Socializing & Entertainment

Friday, 21 September:
08:30-09:00: SANGORA Exec Meeting – Main Clubhouse
09:00-09:45: SANGORA AGM Meeting – Main Clubhouse
09:45-10:15: Managers Meeting – Main Clubhouse
10:30: Games Commence as per fixture list

Saturday, 22 September:
10:00: Games commence as per fixture list
19:00: Closing Ceremony
Final address by Host & President
Best Dressed Team
Most Attractive Rugby
Spirit Award
Host Announcement for the S.A.N.G.O.R.A 36th National Golden Oldies Rugby Festival 2019
20:00: Socializing & Entertainment


21/Sep/18 A Field
Day 1 Fixtures
10:30 Hillbillies vs Durbell 1
11:30 Stade Joburg vs Tendella
12:30 Bloemfontein Oldies vs Pretoria Harlequins
13:30 Mongrels vs Goodwood Legends
14:30 Toti Old Boys vs Western Lions
15:30 Golden Griffons vs Diggers DOBS
16:30 Sugar Daddies 2 vs Naka Goue Oues
17:30 Sugar Daddies 1 vs Alberton Madalas
21/Sep/18 B Field
10:30 Musketeers vs Fidelity
11:30 Durbell 2 vs Bobbies JHB
12:30 Middelburg Ougatte vs Rugga Rhinos
13:30 Grizzlies vs Bloemfontein Legends
14:30 TWR vs Laeveld Leeulopers
15:30 Thunder Boys vs Naka Old Boys
16:30 Alberton Legends vs False Bay Crocs
17:30 Losberg vs Parks
Day 2 22/Sep/18 A Field
10:00 Goodwood Legends vs Grizzlies
11:00 Thunder Boys vs Mongrels
12:00 Parks vs Middelburg Ougatte
13:00 TWR vs Toti Old Boys
14:00 Alberton Madalas vs Bloemfontein Legends
15:00 Diggers DOBS vs Naka Old Boys
16:00 Sugar Daddies 2 vs Losberg
17:00 Sugar Daddies 1 vs Bobbies JHB
22/Sep/18 B Field
10:00 Pretoria Harlequins vs Fidelity
11:00 Tendella vs Bloemfontein Oldies
12:00 Durbell 1 vs Musketeers
13:00 Stade Joburg vs Durbell 2
14:00 Hillbillies vs Golden Griffons
15:00 False Bay Crocs vs Western Lions
16:00 Naka Goue Oues vs Laeveld Leeulopers
17:00 Alberton Legends vs Rugga Rhinos


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