The Stig bungee jumps in Durban in a Formula One car…..see for yourself

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In June 2014, Top Gear released a clip showing how its masked stunt driver, The Stig, infiltrated Lotus Formula 1 headquarters in England to ‘secure’ the F1 car for the Top Gear Festival in Durban.

In August 2014, the hit motoring show reveals how the The Stig’s ‘borrowed’ Lotus car eventually ended up at the Moses Madhiba stadium.

In this hilarious video posted on YouTube, Top Gear shows The Stig behind the wheel of his acquired Lotus F1 car, albeit on a load bay hitched to a Toyota Quantum taxi.


The Stig can be can be seen flying through the air on motorcross bike, performing somersaults in a buggy and drifting around the stadium grounds. The action culminates in the Stig performing an epic bungee jump behind the wheel of the Lotus F1 as it plunges more than 90m to the ground.

According to Top Gear: “Having had his recently acquired Lotus F1 Team car shipped to South Africa, Stig discovers there are many more temptations awaiting his eager hands in the stadium at the Top Gear Festival Durban.

“Will he swap his Lotus F1 car for a motocross bike, or a somersaulting buggy? Maybe the shiny sports car will claim his affections? As if. Not even a 91.4m plunge could separate The Stig from his beloved F1. And we have the footage to prove it.”


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