Stronger together: Charity of Hope delivers food parcels to local families in need

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Charity of Hope on Saturday delivered food parcels to families in need.

Charity of Hope is a joint food-relief initiative of Round Table Port Shepstone 83 and a number of local businesses that help families hit hard by the Covid-19 lockdown (full details in link below).

Charity of Hope launched to aid needy South Coast families during lockdown

With the help of community donations, the wheels of the fund-raising drive were set in motion with the first batch of food parcels being delivered.

Charity of Hope has branched out of the South Coast as well is now also working with Harding Round Table.

A total of 54 families have received much-needed food parcels to date, while Charity of Hope has also donated face masks to each staff member and resident of Anerley Haven Frail Care Centre.

Charity of Hope representative Dawid Dorfling said, “Everyone at Charity of Hope would like to thank the people and companies who have supported the cause so far.

“However, for us to continue this work we need to ask those who can support us to continue to do so. Please go to and make your donation. I know there are many more families that really need the help. We are also offering masks at cost price that people can buy and donate.

“Francois du Plessis from FDG Holdings has challenged every local business to step up and help the cause. FDG has donated R10000 to help this project. Come, local businesses, you can do it!”

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