Suid-Natal High appoints new grade head

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Mr. Lance Grobler joined Suid-Natal High School in 2004 as the first team hockey coach.

His dedication, commitment and ability to motivate and work with people that surrounded him was an inevitable indication of a career that needed to be pursued in Education.

Almost written into context Lance started teaching at Suid-Natal High School in 2014. With recognition of prior learning, he began teaching in the special needs section and took every obstacle that presented itself in his stride.

Lance has since then completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Education majoring in Mathematics and English and was involved with compiling the National Draft Curriculum for LSEN Learners. He is employed and trained as a regional Facilitator in the practical aspect of special needs by the Department of Education.

Lance has further been trained by the Department of Education to Facilitate and administer the assessment of Special Needs Learners, as well as the procedures of administering the Screening Intervention and Support programs for both Main Stream and Special Needs departments alike.

With his experience in the field of Business and training in Academia, it is only a pleasure to announce and welcome Lance to the Suid-Natal High School Management Team.

He has been appointed as Grade Head of the Technical Occupational Practical Unit and will undoubtedly be an asset to our management team.

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