Surfer’s last ride caught on camera

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Hawaii’s North Shore is infamous for its large, bone-crushing waves, drawing thousands of daredevil surfers every year.

One of these fearless souls, Kirk Passmore, went missing last week after taking off on a monster 20-foot wave at an outer reef break called Alligator Rock on Oahu’s North Shore and wiping out soon after, the Huffington Post reports.

Fellow surfers and photographers watched in awe as he took the steep drop, among them, well known wave cinematographer, Larry Haynes. It so happened that Haynes’ camera was rolling when the wave crashed over Passmore, throwing him off his board. According to witnesses, Passmore surfaced soon after, but wasn’t seen again after another wave washed over him.

When Passmore’s father heard that Haynes had footage of his son’s last ride, he asked the cinematographer to share it with the world in his honour. Take a look at the video:

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