Suspected stolen property recovered in Sea Park

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Whilst Southport police were busy with stop and search operations in Sea park area on Thursday morning, they went to a certain compound in the area.  A person was found in a room and he had several cell phones in his possession.

“When requested proof of ownership of the cell phones, he told police that he was repairing it for other people, but could not produce any receipts.  At the time he was sitting on his bed and when police asked him to stand up, he hesitated and became aggressive.  It was then discovered that he was sitting on a laptop concealed underneath him.  He could not produce any receipt for the lap top.  He also could not produce any legal documents to be in South Africa as he is a foreigner,” Lt Col Zandra Wiid said.

He was arrested and detained.  Southport police is investigating a charge of possession of suspected stolen property as well as a charge of the Immigration Act in conjunction with Home Affairs Department.  Investigations are continuing.  Anyone who recognises any of the items, should contact the Southport police on 039 -6819900.  DWO Henry van Vuuren is the contact person.

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