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Beautiful sunsets, cool shades and swimming pools makes the summer season memorable. Summer days are incomplete without some refreshing drinks, cold dessert and delicious ice-cream for those unbearably hot days.

Why not try these sweet recipes, perfect to combat the scorching sun:


Homemade ice tea

Hydration is mandatory in summer. Why not switch it up with refreshing homemade ice tea. This easy beverage is perfect for the rooibos lover who is looking for that alternative to a hot cuppa. It’s a simple recipe that requires the bare minimum ingredients and effort.

All you need is some rooibos teabags, warm water, honey, lemons or fruit of your choice, lots of ice cubes and mint leaves to garnish. Pour warm water and place the teabags in a jug like you would when making traditional tea. Sweeten with the honey and add in the lemons and stir vigorously. Once cooled, add the ice cubes for the ultimate refreshing summer drink!

Drop in some mint leaves to garnish and enjoy. You can find great deals for the listed ingredients on Guzzle.


Frozen banana sticks

While there is temptation to indulge your sweet tooth during the hot festive season why not balance that out with some fruit. This frozen banana recipe is perfect to add a little more health to your diet.

All you require is bananas cut in half, wooden pop sticks, some yoghurt or melted chocolate and candy. You can replace the candy with some mango fruit pieces. First, insert the pop sticks into the cut side of the bananas. Once done, dip the bananas in the yoghurt or melted chocolate. Sprinkle candy or fruit pieces on top and place on a plate and into the freezer

Once frozen you can drizzle some honey on top for some added sweetness and serve.


2-ingredient ice-cream

Who said you need to buy an ice-cream machine to make you own ice-cream? This 2-ingredient ice cream recipe is perfect for ice cream lovers. All you need is condensed milk and heavy cream. Vanilla extract for flavour and fruit pieces and crushed biscuits of your choice wouldn’t hurt.

Make sure your condensed milk and heavy cream are extremely cold so that they mix well. Whisk the two ingredients until they create a beautiful smooth blend. Add in some vanilla extract and the fruit pieces. Mix well and freeze. After the mixture has set, sprinkle crushed biscuits on top to garnish.

Enjoy this easy homemade ice-cream! There is no better time than summer to cool with some decadent and refreshing refreshments. If you would like to try out these recipes and so many more why not visit Guzzle for a host of great deals and specials.

Article written by: Mid South Coast Rising Sun

Photo credit: Mid South Coast Rising Sun

Link: https://midsouthcoastrisingsun.co.za/34208/sweet-recipes-to-refresh-you-this-summer/


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