Teen shows mental toughness in Ugu Snooker League

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Teenager Zidan Mavundla (pictured) showed skills and mental toughness against stronger and more experienced opposition in the third round of the Ugu Snooker League at Margate Country Club last week.

In his A League game against Flip Fourie, the 18-year-old young remained calm and decided to pot his way out of trouble. He made two breaks of 22 and a break of 28 to secure a two-all draw.

Last week’s results:

Premier League: Selvin Moodley 4 – Shawn Chetty 0, JJ Kruger 4 – Kuben Govender 0, Jaco Buitendag 3 – Ediie Redlinguys 1, Siyanda Nkonyeni 3 – Yeaga Katharian 1.

A League: Collin Chetty 4 – Nellie van Tonder 0, Hendrik van Tonder 4 – Bobby Govender 0, Zidan Mavundla 2 – Flip Fourie 2.

This week’s fixtures:

Premier League: JJ Kruger v Jaco Buitendag, Selvin Moodley v Kuben Govender, Eddie Redlinguys v Yega Katharian, Siyanda Nkonyeni v Shawn Chetty.

A League: Basil King v Nellie van Tonder, Bobby Govender v Collin Chetty, Hendrik van Tonder v Zidan Mavundla.

For more snooker information, contact Selvin Moodley on 081 592 8145.

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