The Skye is the limit for Bothma — Blowout Bodyboarding Club contest photo gallery

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By Quintin van Jaarsveld

Skye Bothma showed she’s the real deal with a standout performance in Blowout Bodyboarding Club’s third contest of the year at Margate on Sunday.

The Margate grom, who turns 14 on Saturday, revelled in the two-foot right wedge and won the bolstered ladies division for the second successive time.

Ciska de Beer placed second, South African team rider Georgi McKeone – winner of the opening club contest of 2014 – had to settle for third and Robyn Nutt finished fourth.

“I am super stoked to win my second blowout contest in a row,” Bothma told eHowz!t.

Bothma is in her rookie season of bodyboarding, having only taken up the sport last December after being inspired by her friend, fellow Margate grom and 2014 South African Bodyboarding Association tour boys champion Alex Nutt.

“I was watching Alex bodyboarding and thought it looked fun, so he lent me a board until I got my own.

“I went to Richards Bay and took part in a contest, met a whole lot of South African bodyboarders and really liked the vibe, the sport and being in the ocean,” she explained.

Bothma instantly entered the deep waters of competitive bodyboarding and proved to be a natural, with a string of impressive performances – including a third place in the national West Beach Warfare contest – seeing her represent Southern KwaZulu-Natal at the 2014 South African Bodyboarding Championships at West Beach, Port Alfred last month.

“SA Champs was epic; it was such an amazing experience,” she said, adding, “I love competitive bodyboarding and seeing myself grow from strength to strength.”

She admits she’s surprised by her early success and contributes it to the help and support of her clubmates.

“I had no idea I’d get this far so soon. Everyone in the club is super encouraging and their continuous support is a huge stepping stone in my improvement.”

She has lofty long-term goals and is determined to reach the pinnacle of the sport in South Africa.

“I have hopes of being one of South Africa’s top riders in the future, so I’ll continue to work really hard and take advice to improve my skills.”

Skye Bothma charges during Sunday's Blowout Bodyboarding Club contest at Margate.
Skye Bothma charges during Sunday’s Blowout Bodyboarding Club contest at Margate.

While Bothma’s bodyboarding career is only beginning, the seasoned campaigners went all out in the pro division.

Rory Fellow-Smith came out with the win with club chairman Wesley Coetzee second, Rohan Nel third and Tiaan Smit fourth.

Fellow-Smith doubled up by winning the dropknee final ahead of Slade Staunton, Sean Wilson and Nicholas Pearson.

Divan Jasmin won the men’s division, Bevin Wilson clinched the masters division, Michael Mynhardt won the junior division, Nutt prevailed in the boys division and Nantus van der Linde won the development division.

Chairman Coetzee commented: “I’m stoked with the turnout. We had a full development division, which is what we aim to achieve.

“A lot of the younger riders have been stepping up and performing well and we love to see the progression on these young riders.

“We also had a full ladies division again and they were riding so well showing no fear.

“I want to thank everyone for coming down and getting involved and give a special thanks to those who travelled from Durban. We hope to see them all and more at the next comp.”

The club’s fourth and final contest of the year is slated to take place on 22 November with the end-of-year prize-giving set to be held that evening (venue and times to be confirmed).

For more information on Blowout Bodyboarding Club, contact Coetzee on 060 632 3199.



1st Rory Fellow-Smith
2nd Wesley Coetzee
3rd Rohan Nel
4th Tiaan Smit


1st Divan Jasmin
2nd Nicholas Pearson
3rd Adriaan Duvenage


1st Skye Bothma
2nd Ciska de Beer
3rd Georgi McKeone
4th Robyn Nutt


1st Rory Fellow-Smith
2nd Slade Staunton
3rd Sean Wilson
4th Nicholas Pearson


1st Bevin Wilson
2nd Dean Conway
3rd  Ryan Steyn


1st Michael Mynhardt
2nd Slade Staunton
3rd Sean Wilson
4th Martin Grobler


1st Alex Nutt
2nd Rohan Nel
3rd Kyle Fitchet
4th Tiaan Smit


1st Nantus van der Linde
2nd Bjorn
3rd JC van Tonder
4th Dewald Haasbroek

Photos by Maria Pistorius

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