Thursday morning Ugu water update

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Kindly receive water services updates (25/01/2018)

MARBURG: C180125/38
Leaking pipe at Protea Park Lot 2684- Technician assigned.

MURCHISON: C180125/52
Burst pipe next to Nduneni- Technician assigned.

MVUTSHINI: C180125/21
Burst pipe by Yalo bus stop- Technician assigned.

Burst pipe kwaShoba close Zakhene store- Technician assigned.

GCILIMA: C180125/25
Burst pipe Okhushwini near Delihlazo- Technician assigned.

MVUTSHINI: C180125/34
Burst pipe next to christ church by Mlonde high school- Technician assigned.

PORT EDWARD: C180125/50
Burst pipe 6th Street – Technician on site.

Burst pipe Circular Drive – Technician assigned.

KWEZI: C180125/32
Burst pipe at Nhlanjeni- Technician assigned.

MACHI: C180125/41
Burst pipe at Nduveni – Technician assigned.

PENNINGTON: C180125/35
Burst pipe Douglas Road, Lot 16- Technician assigned.

PARK RYNIE: C180125/36
Burst main pipe Park Rynie Road- Technician assigned.
MUNSTER: C1801225/30
No water in Munster Mable street/ low preassure Milton lane, after break was fixed yesterday. Technicians troubleshooting.

Burst pipe Woolley Street. Technician assigned.

BREAMER: C1801224/55
No water in the Breamer area due to the Generator not working at Vulamehlo plant. Contractors to continue working on it are on the way. In the interim, no water is going to
(Kentertone, Mqangqala, Manyusweni, KwaDeyi, Bhadane,Dumisa, Mbulula,Mahlathini, Mayfield, and Breamer). . Tankers for relief supply were sent yesterday in some areas.

MAGWAZA: C180125/18
Magwaza res still on 0% no water is getting in the res, some areas KwaQoloqolo are getting water but supply is affected in areas around Othandweni. Matter is still under investigation.

VULAMEHLO: C180125/70
Burst pipe at KwaJoni. Technician assigned.


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