Thursday water supply update from Ugu

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Kindly please receive the latest water supply status update:

Bhobhoyi system:

Marburg system: after water supply interruption on the 24th due to bulk supply valve tempering reservoir levels have recovered to above 70%. Marburg ext 14 no water; team working on scouring system and customer advise water is slowly returning.

Northern System:

Bulk supply stable; Umzimkhulu command above 80% and Albersville above 60%.

Umzimkhulu feed Melville reservoir opened; team is onsite checking no water reports.

Hibberdene, Fairview and Woodgrandge: Melville reservoir is above 70% and suspected closed valves being checked. Water trucks dispatched to Woodgradge and Hibberdene. There is a blown Eskom line which will affect pumping to upper Woodgradge and Stickfarm once supply has been restored in the area.

Gamalakhe, Shelly Beach affected by no water on the 600 main line; team resumed working on troubleshooting problem after delays yesterday due to security risk after burning of vehicles. Water tanker scheduled for Gamalakhe and Msikaba.

Seaslopes reservoir empty no inflow from 600 and 375 mains due to flow restrictions. Ramsgate North and Southern, Nosita, Gayridge systems are affected by no water into Seaslopes Command. Water tankers have been dispatched. Restoration of bulk supply will proceed till late afternoon to build up command reservoir and start feed to Kaisers/Nosita network.

Umthavuna system:

Plant reservoir has recovered above 80% and coastal BP2 command reservoir is building up. Feed to Port Edward reservoir will be restored when command reservoir reaches 30%. Water tanker arranged for banners rest.

Water tankers are being arranged to all affected areas.


• Amahlongwa Reservoir level is climbing and areas are expected to start getting water supply from 06h00 as per Operating procedure.

• UMzinto CBD, UMzinto Heights the system reservoirs have been recovered and levels are above 50%

• Esperanza Pumps are running and pumping water to fill Ifafa Mission reservoir and the outlet will be opened to supply areas as per water rotation schedule.

• Repairs on the Malangeni Main Pipeline repairs 150mm uPVC near Mkhumbane River between Beniver and Zwelitsha were completed last night and currently the system is filling up.

• Freeland Park and Scottburgh Central supply has been restored as the main reservoir and Tower have water, pumps are running and filling up the storage capacity while the outlet remained opened to charge reticulation system.

• No Water Reports have been received from Freeland Park this morning from the following Streets:
Sylvia road
Freeland road
Wesley road
Woodford road
Escombe road low pressure
• Plumbing teams will be dispatched to bleed the system and scour the reticulation lines in the meantime Alternative water supply will be provided through water tankers.

• Park Rynie water supply was also interrupted and the system is expected to recover as the Reservoirs have water and continuing to fill up and the outlets are opened to charge network system.

• Eden Rock in Pennington, should start getting water supply as the Reservoir level is being recovered and currently above 30%,

• Please note that our OPS team will continue to do the routine checks and balance the system’s performance in all areas that were affected.

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