Toti Mighty Men Conference hosts fantastic line-up of speakers

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This year’s free Amanzimtoti Mighty Men Conference, taking place at Kuswag High School fields from 30 September to 2 October, welcomes renowned speakers, Pastor Mufamudi Takalani and Dr Anthony Jacobs to this year’s highly anticipated gathering.

“The focus of the third annual conference will be on nurturing the father-son relationship,” explained event organiser, Freddie van Vuuren. “We are really looking forward to the insights that Pastor Mufamadi, Dr Jacobs and Pastor Andrew Anderson will be sharing about the importance of guidance within our families.”

Dr Anthony Jacobs will be addressing the hundreds of Christian men from all denominations on Friday 30 September at 7pm.

With a variety of ministry experiences within the local church and para-church environment, Dr Jacobs is set to give profound meaning to the bond between father and son.

In addition to his ministry experience which includes youth work, the management of a Bible school, as well as being a presiding pastor at Kingsway Ministries in Amanzimtoti, Dr Jacobs is also the former CEO of Kohin. This is a national youth organisation that places youth coaches in schools and has also launched a number of youth-related projects which empower youngsters with a vision for the future.

An ordained pastor of the Apostolic Faith Mission of South Africa, Dr Jacobs also has a wealth of academic accolades to his name, including an MA and D Litt et Phil in Theology. His passion for teaching has taken him to Auckland Park Theological Seminary where he was appointed as lecturer in 2013 and he has also lectured at North-West University.

“My motto in life is ‘carpe diem’ – seize the day,” said Dr Jacobs. “We need to make each moment count. This is reflected in one of my favourite scriptures, Ephesians 3:20, ‘God can do anything, you know – far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams!’”

His involvement with the Mighty Men Conferences started in 2015, and he is excited to return as a speaker this year.

“I believe it is important for men to attend conferences like the MMC because it is a time where the same gender with the same issues can relate and encourage each other to reach their God-given purpose in life,” said Dr Jacobs.

Focusing on the reconciliation between fathers and sons, Dr Jacobs said he will be looking specifically at the life of Joseph and his ‘technicolour dreamcoat’ to illustrate the top.

“Because of broken-down family structures, reconciliation between fathers and sons is a very important topic in today’s society,” he explained.

Dr Anthony Jacobs.
Dr Anthony Jacobs.

Addressing the congregation at the main Sunday service on 2 October, which will be at 12pm, will be international speaker and author, Pastor Takalani Mufamadi. A senior pastor at Grace Tabernacle Church in Austerville, Wentworth and founding member of the Grace Tabernacle Full Gospel Church, Mufamadi’s talks are always well received by an inspired audience.

Having gained spiritual insight from his mother, whom he describes as a ‘prayer warrior’, Pastor Mufamadi went on to complete his studies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal, thereafter he entered the ministry at Bethesda in Chatsworth and then moved on to Jordan Assembly in Avoca.

It was just under three decades ago that he co-founded the Bethesda Worship Centre FGC in Phoenix alongside Basil Amuggum and his late wife, pastor Zubaida. However, being the driven Christian that he is, Pastor Mufamadi felt more needed to be done. Under the Grace Tabernacle Full Gospel Church, some 12 churches have been established in various communities across the country and abroad in Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom.

“We raise leaders for each church and then allow them to take responsibility,” explained the Deputy General Overseer of the Full Gospel Church in South Africa. “The greatest thing we can do for people is to develop leaders and then allow them to lead, not to laud over them.”

In addition to establishing churches, the organisation is currently setting up a library in Manguzi where it will be creating self-sustaining co-operatives. Another facet is the establishment of scholarship funds for children and scholars.

“When you develop people educationally, you change their economic outlook,” said Pastor Mufamadi. “We feel this is an important resource for empowering the communities.”

Commenting on the upcoming Mighty Men Conference, Pastor Takalani said he would be discussing the importance of making God central to all aspects of life.

“Without God at the centre, we have nothing,” he explained.

Empangeni’s Pastor Andrew Anderson, a dynamic cattle farmer who was schooled under Angus Buchan, will be giving a morning service on Saturday, 1 October at 9am as well as the evening service at 7pm.

There will be two Sunday services, one at 6am on the beach with Pastor Mufamadi’s service at 12pm, which is a Celebration in Christ service, open to everyone. This will allow everyone to attend their own church services before the joint service where prayers for the nation, and much-needed rain, will be held

There will also be a mass braai taking place at 2pm on Saturday with fire, pap and gravy provided. Guests are asked to bring their own meat.

The Mighty Men Conference, hosted in Mooi River, will be held at from 7 to 9 October on Southern Cross Farm. For more information, Contact Pieter on 072 807 7231 or visit

The entire Mighty Men Conference in Amanzimtoti is free of charge. For more information, contact Freddie on 082 941 9244 or visit

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