Toti tactical officers track down wanted thief, arrest leads to further intelligence

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A suspect wanted for at least two cases of theft in the Amanzimtoti area, was arrested on Monday morning by members of Blue Security.

“I was contacted by a client who reported seeing the suspect in the Umdoni Road area and reaction officers responded immediately,” Eugene Engelbrecht, tactical ambassador for Amanzimtoti said. The suspect, who has distinctive features, had been identified from CCTV footage during the theft incident on premises in South Coast Industrial Park.

“He had been previously seen around the CBD and Amanzimtoti taxi rank,” Engelbrecht said. The Blue Security unit swooped on the area while calling for backup.

“The suspect was swiftly apprehended, arrested and transferred to Amanzimtoti SAPS. During questioning additional information was received about the accomplices in two of the theft cases which the suspect is linked to. This was a very satisfactory arrest as the suspect had been wanted for questioning for some time,” Engelbrecht said.

In a separate incident on Sunday two suspects were apprehended and arrested for trespassing by Blue Security response officers in Amanzimtoti.

“The suspects were observed by a security guard jumping over a wall from a neighbouring property into business premises. “The guard immediately contacted our control centre and our officers were despatched to the scene where the suspects were caught red-handed,” Engelbrecht said.

The owner of the property confirmed that no entry had been gained into the building and nothing was taken. The suspects were handed over to Amanzimtoti SAPS and charged with trespassing.

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